IRA Distribution Specialists

Southwest Retirement & Wealth Management specializes in IRA Distribution Planning. By taking advantage of widely overlooked and misunderstood tax law changes of 2002, we work with people to properly structure their IRAs and other retirement accounts so that they will continue to payout over as many as three or even four generations.

Errors in structuring these accounts can adversely affect the account owners as well the beneficiaries and heirs. If not done so properly, the IRS all too often takes 50% - 80% in taxes and penalties. A knowledgeable, well-trained Distribution Specialist can ensure this will not happen to you.

Are you retired now or are you nearing retirement? Your retirement accounts that were previously in the accumulation phase are now moving to the distribution phase. This could continue for the lifetime of the owner, the spouse, the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Unfortunately, few have taken the correct steps to position their accounts and create a plan so that the maximum benefits will be available to them and their families.

The stretch IRA concept has been aptly described as the most powerful family wealth building tool available to Americans! For example, a $200,000 IRA can pay out a total of over $1.2 Million to three generations at a modest 5% rate of return.

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David Hutmacher, President of Southwest Retirement & Wealth Management

David Hutmacher has been in the financial services industry for over 40 years.

He began his career with Met Life and over the years has held sales and management positions with several reputable companies.

Today, David has chosen to focus his efforts exclusively on retirement planning for individuals and their families.

Mr. Hutmacher feels that professional development is a key factor in providing quality service to his clients. With the interest of his clients in mind, Mr. Hutmacher specializes in the area of IRA Distribution Planning. He works hard to make important contributions to the betterment of his client's lives and to the success and enjoyment of their retirement years.